Trying to navigate and change unhealthy communication patterns on your own can feel overwhelming. I specialize in helping you understand what is healthy and what is NOT. If you are in a toxic relationship or dealing with a narcissist, I work alongside you to navigate through the next steps to boundaries and relief out of verbal and emotional abuse. Depending on your needs, I offer four different ways to work together to guide you in recovering your best self! 

Pare will educate, advocate, and coach you through the next steps.

Do you relate to any of the following? If you answer yes, let’s talk. You are not alone.

Feel like you are “going crazy”

Told that you are “too sensitive” or “making a big deal” out of nothing

Feel as if you are your partner's enemy 

Threatened that you will lose your parenting rights or access to your kids if you leave

Feel like you are trying to do everything different but nothing works

Living with a double standard of how you can act and how they can act

Feel emotionally, verbally, physically, financially, or spiritually abused/drained

Experience constant criticism about you as a spouse, parent, lover

Have a parent with narcissistic traits or tendencies

Identify with codependent behavior or tendencies 

Not feeling like anyone understands the dynamics of the relationship with your partner

Become frustrated that the version that people see and what you see of your partner behind closed doors are two different people

A Day with Paré

For one on one counseling and consulting

After a 50 minute discovery session, Paré will create and plan an entire day of coaching just for you. Imagine weeks of progress packed into one intensive session to make for a productive and fun day. This is not you sitting in a chair for 7 hours across from me with a box of tissues, this is me sitting next to you, in a professional "let’s figure this out together” vibe. When you are ready to make significant change in your world, I support you in figuring out the “right now” action steps and what seeds need to planted for the steps to come. Together, we will work through your unique situation and create a concrete and straightforward, step-by-step plan to get you the relief you need! Think professional kitchen table, whiteboard, brainstorming, your favorite music lightly playing in the background, yummy snacks, a smell -good candle, plenty of space to move around, and a neutral, confidential, professional giving you feedback on the things that have been holding you back, for the day.

4 Ways to work with Paré

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The Day Includes:

  • In session assessments and exercises (as needed)
  • Plenty of open time for all questions and feedback
  • Homework specific for you
  • Personalized journal and prompts
  • Written feedback, recommendations, and intensive session notes packet prepared and delivered to your inbox after the session
  •  A list of local resources researched just for you
  • Lunch, coffee, snacks
  • Personalized referrals and introductions (as needed) for: medication management, meditation coaching, trauma yoga, individual counseling, brain-spotting, nutritionist, massage therapy, hormonal therapy, etc.
  • 50 minute follow up within next 30 days
  • Access to JAP online content and resources 
  • Access to future coaching calls as needed with Paré

Common Intensive Session Topics Include:

  • Boundaries (Divorce, Marital, Co-Parenting, Blended Families)
  • Codependency awareness and management
  • Relationship management (friendships, romantic, work-life, pre-marital)
  • Communication Support
  • Narcissistic Abuse Support/Navigation
  • Self-Care
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Career Changes/Consulting

One-on-One Coaching

For personalized, direct feedback and advice

Looking for an alternative to traditional therapy? Coaching is a one-on-one problem and solution based approach available whenever you need it! After a 50 minute discovery session, I will create a personalized coaching plan for you that we will go over together in a follow-up 50 minute feedback and resources session. From there, you will have access to ongoing 25 minute coaching sessions to get the feedback you need when you need it! Personalized and scenario specific, get practical advice from a professional who is passionate to help you find relief from your unique situation. With coaching, you can expect direct feedback, handouts, book recommendations, colleague referrals, needs assessments, and more! 

$275 for 50 minute discovery session
$275 for 50 minute feedback & resource session
$95 per 25 minute coaching session

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Online Course :  “Divorcing a Narcissist Survival Guide”
Coming Soon 

This affordable online course will spell out the vital steps that need to be taken if you are divorcing a narcissist. This course will cover all the Do’s and Don’ts (not legal advice) of the decisions required in the beginning and duration of the divorce in order to protect your emotional best interest and your probability of holding boundaries with them in the future. It will give the framework of what to expect from the narcissist during the divorce and how to handle those situations as they arise. Boundaries, communication, co-parenting, mutual friendships, extended family concerns, and blended families are just a few of the topics that will be covered extensively in the course. Downloadable worksheets, life-time access to the course, and more! Get the support and relief you need in the privacy of your home.

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Have a group that could use a healthy dose of positivity and encouragement? Paré has facilitated to groups both large and small sharing the good news that there is relief on the other side of whatever obstacle you are facing. 

Paré uses creative and relatable exercises throughout her workshops to help create memorable “Ah-Ha” moments for her participants. Workshops are packed with interactive (using all of the room) activities, real time examples, open question and feedback time, preventative tools, and healthy and practical habit suggestions for the topic at hand.

 Paré creates a unique outline for each group she works with so that every workshop is specific to your groups’ needs. 

To get started, you will meet on a video call with Pare for a 50 minute discovery session so she can develop a blueprint just for your group.

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Book Paré for Speaking

For in person group speaking events

Previous Workshop Topics have included:

  • Self Care for the Busy Professional
  • Communication in the Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Marriage Communication
  • Co-Parenting
  • Young Adult Life Lessons
  • Surviving a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship
  • Breaking Generational Cycles
  • Communication with your Teen
  • Toxic Thoughts
  • Overcoming Your Circumstances

What people are saying...

“I am healing, I am not crazy. I deserve better. I am strong. I can now spot and avoid a narcissist even subconsciously.” 

“My favorite thing about the group was that despite having traumatic relationships, we are all taking our power back and encouraging our own healing.”

“The main reason I joined the group was to receive validation in my story and hear from others that I could relate to.”

“This was my first real experience with group therapy and I didn't know what to expect-now I wonder why group therapy isn't a bigger thing.”

“Honestly, I was just so impressed by the intelligence, tenacity, and strength of the women here-it was confirmation that I/we are not the incompetent, weak, unknowing, incapable people we’ve been told we are. We are, in fact, the opposite."

"Felt sooo empowered! Loved it!"

“I love that Pare started off with what we were wanting to get out of the presentation and addressing them. It was very relevant and meaningful.”

“I thought that she was so much fun and energetic, and I love getting to hear her perspective on life and her experiences.”

“Pare was my favorite guest speaker all summer. I appreciate how real, vulnerable, and confident she is. It was inspiring to see such a successful woman who has overcome so many struggles. It was refreshing to hear a presentation that was so relatable, practical, and humorous, especially to our age group. Love her!”

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