Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to your first session, you will complete a thorough questionnaire to help me understand what is bringing you in and help you gather your thoughts. We will go over these answers together while I give you feedback that will begin the “connecting the dots process." We will start identifying patterns and themes to discuss what your next steps would look like if you choose to continue in the process. You will have time to ask questions about your care, the process, and anything else you would like to share.  

Your journey is completely up to you. After working through the online courses, if you are curious about continuing your work further, we can schedule an intensive or I can give you a great referral to continue your work with ongoing support from a professional.

Anyone across the world is allowed to access the online resources. In addition, any counselor or coach is able to see me regarding consulting services as a professional resource for their practice. One day coaching workshops/intensives are available for anyone, however if you are looking for specific ongoing one on one therapeutic services you will need to be a resident of Texas.

One is better than none. If your partner is on the fence about counseling, I encourage you to set the appointment and invite them and then put it on your top priority list to come. Whether they attend or not, we can start the process of healing and future breakthroughs for you and your relationship.

No, you don’t. Pastors, life-coaches, licensed and unlicensed professionals are all welcome for intensive work.

I would love to come to you! Just know I will also be asking for all the best touristy spots to go check out and best hole in the wall food places while I am there!

Yes, I offer video sessions for both clients and professionals. We can still make huge strides while you are in the comfort of your own home or office.

Coaching is problem & solution focused and situation based. Therapy can dive into the subconscious, whereas coaching only focuses on a present problem. Coaching provides you with individualized feedback on a situation as you need it, so there is no set schedule of visits like there is in therapy.

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