For over a decade, I have enjoyed walking alongside people to guide them to find solutions and relief in order to live their best lives. I am personally committed to helping women realize that no one has to live in a narcissistic abusive relationship and striving towards rebuilding their confidence. Through my extensive experiences working hand-in-hand with people, I realized what my clients really needed was to be equipped with a set of tools that would help them navigate the next steps of their situation. Oftentimes, we simply didn’t have a chance to learn these necessary tools growing up. 

Hip Hip Paré, is the best way to remember it!

Fancy name, practical advice.

I'm Paré Underwood.


As a result, I transitioned my work to best suit my clients’ needs. My specialties lie in working through narcissistic abusive relationships, co-parenting, and blended family dynamics. For my clients, waiting for a 50 minute session to get feedback each week was limiting them on the life changes they were seeking. I knew there had to be a better way and became dedicated to ensuring my clients could receive the tools and support they need in a more accessible, convenient, and straightforward way. This led me to find my passion in creating online conversations, group work, one-on-one coaching, and one day intensives for people with the hope that each individual could have access to healthy and relatable relationship tools and support on demand.

I became overly consumed with the thought of the next generation knowing what “healthy” sounds like.  

In a nutshell I want to change the world one conversation at a time.

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Coop & Mill Mill

Me, The Hubs, The Girls & Yogi Bear 

Great conversations with local counselors.

Me & My Kid Crew


  • Happily married to my best friend (nice guys still exist!)
  • Mom of three pretty awesome and funny kids
  • Friends we consider family
  • A God that always stays a step ahead 
  • Healthy Relationship Education Trainer & Facilitator
  • Former Outreach Coordinator for Dallas Non-Profit
  • Trained Family Mediator
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (State of TX)
  • Past Board of Directors Member of Hannah4Hope Suicide Prevention
  • Former Facilitator of Children in the Middle (Co-Parenting Education)
  • Prepare/Enrich Marriage Enrichment Facilitator 
  • Local Entrepreneur
  • Former Group Practice Owner
  • Founder of Community Counselors of Rockwall & Heath

Arleen & her two incredibly intelligent & well rounded kids!

meet arleen

Community Manager & Care Coordinator for Just Ask Paré

Arleen Martines

34 Years looks good on these two!

Prior to working with Pare, Arleen worked as a Dallas Police Detective for over 30 years. During her time with DPD, Arleen worked primarily child abuse cases, while also working in sexual assaults and narcotics with a K9. Her unparalleled compassion and understanding with victims of violent crimes allows her to be an award-winning advocate for those who need help most. Arleen was the first female K9 officer and first female Officer of the Year for DPD, and is a pioneer for women in her field. Her career as a detective gave her the tools to work in the mental health field, and she enjoys being able to continue to help people in a new role. Arleen acts as an added support for the “Just Ask Pare” community and works to ensure that clients have the best quality experience from the first call to any additional unique needs throughout their experience with us. Arleen lives with her husband of 34 years in Florida, and has two amazing children. 

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

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